Théâtre en anglais

Ce mercredi 16 janvier, la compagnie « Interacting » était de retour dans notre école avec 2 spectacles pour les élèves de la 3ème à la 6ème année : « The Fall of the Roman Empire ».
Fidèles à leur devise « Laugh while you learn », les acteurs nous ont livré une interprétation très personnelle de la « Chute de l’Empire romain », avec le concours et la participation très active de nos élèves sur scène et dans la salle.
Un moment de rire, d’humour et de bonne humeur pour tous nos élèves ! Voici quelques- uns de leurs commentaires…

“We really liked this theatre play thanks to the excellent job of the actors. They were very funny and spontaneous… We also noticed the great English accent despite their Irish origin!... Last but not least, we advise this show for all pupils of secondary school because of its accessible level.” Emy and Hugo

“The actors were good at improvising and interacting with everyone in all situations. They also used easy language, so it was not difficult to understand…Caesar was the main character and was present in all the scenes, so it was sometimes a little bit anachronistic!” Thomas and Arno.

“It was an interesting plot and it was so funny that I almost choked with laughter!” Movsar and Ilyas

“I really enjoyed the acting. It was powerful and funny. It wasn’t just an oral performance: they used their body to make the play alive…” Nicolas

“I personally appreciated this moment… no time to get bored: there was a steady pace.
Thank you for organizing this event at school!” Valentin.

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